Why we started this portal: 

In the United States and Canada, there is a concept called "broker reciprocity" which means brokerages cooperate with each other by sharing access to each other's listings.

For the consumer:  This results in a much better consumer experience for the "buyer" who wants easy access (in one place) to all inventory. 

For the sellers, studies suggest that by participating in broker reciprocity a listing receives far more exposure and thus commands a much higher selling price. 

And finally, for Realtors® by offering each other's listings, even if it is not your listing chosen, the average listing attracts 10 potential buyers. Therefore the more listings you have to showcase, the more "buyers" you can draw. 

Broker Reciprocity is a good thing for everyone! 

For this concept to work, there needs to be a central place for all brokers to add their listings to a shared feed.
There also needs to be a way for brokers to access this feed in order to present all listings to their customers. 

That is where ListingsbyLocation.com comes in! We are a global multiple-listing service combined with a home search portal. 

By adding your listings to ListingsBylocation, you are adding your listings to a global database of properties all of which have agreed to participate in Broker Reciprocity. 

In exchange for adding your listings, we give you your own personalized global search link that you can use to send to your buyers and attract more visitors to your listings.

Using your search link ALL leads and traffic captured automatically go back to you. We provide you with a full backend / CRM to access leads or if you prefer, you can ingest the leads into the CRM of your choice. 

It's up to you! Your leads are your leads (and we do not sell them to anyone else).